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Also another funny fact of our early dating days, travis’s brother actually told this story during his speech at our wedding of how travis used to have notecards of bullets point things to talk about when we would talk on the phone for HOURS at night. ) He thinks its embarrassing & I just think its the cutest thing ever. Speeding the story up a bit (we have been together 10 + years so there is soo much to our story) we had many ups/ downs, break ups & getting back together during our high school years. During those times we grew so much as individuals, and landed back to each other before we both started college! Our college days spent together was filled with so much growth, & lots of fun! We were blessed to have such great family, friends & mentors during this stage of life that was such a GAME CHANGER. Needless to say, we were smitten over each other. 

The frst time we met was when I was 8th grade and he was a freshman in high school. Truth be told, church camp is sort of when our story begin. We got each others number through a friend since we were way too nervous at the time to actually talk to each other. LOL. We went on lots of group dates during this time. I can remember us sitting in the back seats of our parents cars as they would carpool us around to all our dates. Hahah! We spent most of our early “date nights” spent with our church friends at peoples houses having movie nights. Looking back on it now, thats some of our favorite memories of us together. 

HEYY!! Since capturing love is what we do as our jobs and we love LOVE, we thought we would share our own love story with you.

fast forward to junior year... 

Well, a little over a year later, he got down on one knee and POPPED THE QUESTION!!! Here is MY FAVORITE video of all time, I’ll never forget this day. EASIEST. YES. OF. MY. LIFE. 

About a year later we said our I do’s! (can’t help but share this video with you, too!!!)

Fast forward to the present… we’ve been married for a year & a half. These past 18 months as husband & wife have taught us more than the previous 9+ years combined. GOSH, marriage is a beautiful thing

our proposal video ⟶

My junior year of college, he took me on a romantic picnic at the top of hill on our college campus, had me read a letter he wrote me, & gave me the sweetest necklace. A little bit about the meaning of this necklace : lavalier necklace symbolizes a long-term commitment between the collegiate couple. The lavalier is generally viewed as a lead up to an engagement. This necklace features the Greek letters of his fraternity. 

our Wedding video ⟶

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