6 ways to prepare for your engagement session

You’ve got your session booked, you’re getting excited, but stumped on how to make sure you’re 10000% ready to roll on the day of your session? We’ve been there & wanna make sure you’re TOTALLY taken care of. Grab a seat, we’ve gotchu!

Let’s make a check-list of our top 6 hacks to make sure you’re ready to ROCK this day.

  1. Prepare your outfits ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than running around the house last minute to find a perfect outfit (in this case, outfits for two). This is a day to celebrate & have fun; no stress allowed, friends! Coordinate your outfits & make sure everything is ready to roll a couple days in advance. Wear something you’re comfortable in and feel like a million bucks!!! If choose outfits that feel too tight or not your normal style, you’ll spend the session worrying about the way you look instead of having the time of your life! Ditch the stress & prepare ahead!
  2. Get your bases covered with hair & makeup! This is an extra special day, so don’t be scared to book an appointment to get your hair & makeup done. You’ll show up confident & ready to rock the session without having to worry about a thing.
  3. Feelin’ fancy?! Schedule yourself a manicure the day before we have our session. We’re all about the details, girl. (& you deserve it!)
  4. Let’s not forget about our guys, here! Head in to get a fresh cut before your session comes around. We need you lookin’ sharp!
  5. Necessities for session breaks: snacks & water! Nothing can make a day a tad more magical like snacks can. Between outfit changes, we’re always down for a little break for snacks & fun. Are you a coffee or wine lover? Maybe even donuts or ice cream?! We always love to treat our couples to a fun treat while capturing it all along the way, soo let us know what your favorite go-to drinks & snacks are!!
  6. Last but totally not least, allllll the miscellaneous stuff that might come in handy. We want to make sure you have everything you could ever need so that our session together is flawless. Grab your lipstick, any makeup that you might need to touch up, a brush, & some hairspray. If we’re gonna be doing any hiking to get to our destination, make sure you have some comfy shoes. Let’s be real, nobody wants to ruin their shoes or hurt their feet before we get our party started. If we happen to hit any rain during our time together, we have you covered with some super cute umbrellas, but you might want to throw your raincoats in the car to be safe.

Now remember, it’s YOUR session & YOUR day! However you want to celebrate it & prepare, go for it! As photographers, we’re here to make it seamless, memorable, & exactly how you envision it from start to finish!
Feeling a bit more prepared to rock this session?! YAY! Got some questions still lingering?! We’re here for YOU. Let us know.
Let’s make some magic! If you’re booked with us, we’re likely counting down the days until our adventure with you! If you’re not, let’s get this party started–we’d LOVE to serve you & celebrate this special season alongside you!

With love, 

Leah + Travis


January 29, 2021

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